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by Ed Fisher

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Marriage Advice Articles Collected by Ed Fisher – here’s why you should get them and why I give them to you for free:

When I had serious marriage problems, one of the first things I did was search the Internet for any good marriage advice that could help me. Guess what? There are a lot of really bad sites out there with poorly written articles that look like they were turned out by people who don’t even know how to speak English! Even worse than that is the advice in those articles. Question: What’s worse than not getting advice? Answer: Getting the WRONG advice. And on the Internet, the wrong advice is everywhere.

If you are having problems with your relationship, you need professional help that works. As an example of typical advice you will find on the Internet, practically guaranteed to drive your partner away, is this: “Make your spouse jealous to rekindle their desire for you.” How many times have you come across that nugget? You probably aren’t in High School anymore. If you try to make your spouse jealous, you will absolutely NOT make them more attracted to you. You will make them angry, upset and several steps closer to divorce.

I filtered out all that nonsense and put together a package of the best marriage advice articles that can be found anywhere. These articles are written by people who actually know how to save marriages. The best in the business. I didn’t write them myself because I’m not a professional. I know a lot about what it takes to fix marriages but your marriage is too important to trust to me alone!

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Here’s a sampling of topics:

Can You Really Save a Marriage if Only One Wants to?

Why having that big “talk” doesn’t work

What to do when you are suffering “Communication Breakdown”

What if you don’t “feel Loved”

What to Do if you Drive Each other Crazy

(and lots more)

How many marriage advice articles are there?

There are more than 30. I send you 16 emails over several weeks and each email has 2-3 great articles. I don’t send them all at once because, trust me, you don’t want to be overwhelmed with this information. It has to sit with you and percolate and pretty soon you’ll start to understand what you need to do to make things better in your marriage. What don’t you get with my marriage articles? Spam! I will not, I repeat WILL NOT share your email address with anyone, ever. And this stuff is all automated – there’s a little link at the bottom of each email that allows you to unsubscribe if you wish. And then you won’t hear from me again. That’s fair, right?

So why am I giving you these articles?

Am I, Ed Fisher, some kind of saint? Well, I like to think so! But also you’ll notice that I give credit to the authors of the articles in every email and a link to their website. If you are impressed with what you have read, and you decide to go to the marriage expert’s website and buy their product (which saved my own marriage, after all!) then I will get a commission. That commission is what allows me to give you the emails and run this website. Keeps me from digging into my own pocket. Now I know that many of you will not want to spend any money, and that’s up to you, but enough of you will decide that your marriage is worth $50 and those people will be subsidizing the rest of you. Either way, these articles will help you turn your marriage around because they are THAT good. I Get emails all the time from people THANKING ME FOR THE GREAT ADVICE. People tell me all the time that when they read the articles they felt like they were reading about their own marriage. You’ll see, I’ll bet you’ll want to thank me too. :)

So that about covers it. Good Marriage Advice for Free. Like I said, this is spam free and you can unsubscribe at any time. So no risk to you. No privacy issues. I don’t look to see what your name is or anything. I am far too busy. What I really want is for you to read these articles and figure out what you can do to save your marriage. It is my strongest belief that your marriage is worth saving and can be saved (unless there is abuse in which case you should be trying to figure out how to leave that marriage – really). Don’t let your marriage fail without a fight. You will regret it in the long run.

Here is the sign-up form and after you confirm your email address you will get your first articles right away. Check your Spam folder if you don’t. Thanks for reading, and GOOD LUCK. I hope the marriage advice found in these articles will help you save your marriage like they did for me.
These articles will give you the advice you need, good luck.

Ed Fisher

Ed Fisher

A Guy Who Saved his Marriage

I’m Ed Fisher and I saved my marriage by myself after counseling almost destroyed it. Be sure to sign up for my free email article series — full of useful advice to turn your marriage around. Good luck!