Marriage Books -- These Ones Work

by Ed Fisher

The two best marriage books that I recommend are Dr. Lee Baucom’s Save The Marriage and Amy Waterman’s Save My Marriage Today.

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This book Saved My Marriage. Click To Read My Review

Baucom’s book was the first marriage book that I ever read and I credit it with saving my own marriage after my relationship was almost destroyed by marriage counseling. (More on that on the front page of this blog). It literally inspired me to spread the word with this website because I was so grateful!

The beauty of all of these recommended books is that they are available as “ebooks” which means you buy and download them online with all of the advantages such as – email consultation with the experts, instant access, no embarrassment that comes with buying a marriage book in a bookstore, 60 day money-back guarantees, etc. etc.. So read the reviews to see which is the best for you.

Can Marriage Self Help Books Really Save Your Marriage?

Absolutely. When you have problems in your marriage, you must turn to outside experts to get things fixed. That means marriage counseling or marriage help books. All couples in trouble have the same problems that show up again and again. The truth is, you are not alone. You can easily learn from what others have gone through. The solutions that worked for everyone else will likely help you as well. This is why relationship books will likely be more valuable to you than marriage counseling. Why should you pay a marriage counselor thousands of dollars (over time) only to discover that your problems are the same problems that other couples have overcome and you could have easily worked on with the help of a book? Of course, “lack of value” is not the only thing wrong with marriage counseling. Counseling can actually ruin your marriage! Take a look at my article Does Marriage Counseling Work,  for more on that.

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Read About Save My Marriage Today

In my own case, these books proved to be a treasure trove. The wisdom contained in each helped me to understand and feel more compassion to my wife. I also understood myself more – why I was so touchy and defensive all the time and what I could do to change my behavior in ways that quickly reduced the conflict in my marriage. I also learned the secret emotions that were driving my wife’s actions and making me think she was “crazy.” She wasn’t crazy at all, but I was just not able to “read” what was really going on. I discovered what I was doing that was driving her away and making me look “stupid” in her eyes.

Can Marriage Books Be Useful Combined with Counseling?

Yes. I don’t recommend marriage counseling for most couples because it can destroy your marriage, but if you or your spouse is determined to take that route, you must prepare yourself by reading these books before you go. Not only do you need to educate yourself on the pitfalls of traditional counseling, you also will save a lot of time and money if you know the “relationship basics” before you go to counseling. Do you really want to pay your marriage counselor $100-$200 per hour to teach you stuff you could have learned in an afternoon with the right book? You can move much faster if you start your counseling further ahead – not learning the basics in a very expensive setting.

The great thing about a marriage help book is that you can take control of your relationship quickly. One thing that I have found frustrating with traditional marriage counseling is that the once per week sessions are too far apart. I want results and taking little steps each week is a slow way to go. Being better prepared will let you move through your counseling sessions much more quickly.

You will be amazed at how you can fix things in your marriage by putting these programs into practice. Make sure you read the reviews of both marriage help books: Save My Marriage today by Amy Waterman and Save the Marriage by Lee Baucom. Both helped to save my own marriage and that’s why I can endorse these marriage help books without reservation.For many people, counseling isn’t even necessary at all. Marriage help books are, in a sense, just like having your own counselor. If you are having trouble in your marriage, by all means, picking up these books should be the first thing you do. All are available as downloads so you an literally have them in front of you in minutes without the potential embarrassment of going to a bookstore. Both also come with great bonus articles, support and loads of extra help that you wont get in books you find at a traditional bookstore.

Ed Fisher

Ed Fisher

A Guy Who Saved his Marriage

I’m Ed Fisher and I saved my marriage by myself after counseling almost destroyed it. Be sure to sign up for my free email article series — full of useful advice to turn your marriage around. Good luck!