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by Ed Fisher

People looking for marriage help have to be careful. As I’ve said before on other blog posts, you should get help, but getting the wrong help can make things even worse. You don’t need just any help – you need expert, proven advice. Asking questions in forums, and reading online articles is easy and cheap, but just where is the advice coming from?

marriage help

Kim is Married to Kanye, now. She didn’t get the right help with Kris…

Are You Getting Advice From Real Experts? – Because The Wrong Advice Destroys Marriages…

I was once approached by an internet marketer who was selling an ebook on how to make your spouse fall back in love with you. Sounds great, right? Many married people (most, in fact) find that after a few years they just don’t “feel like they are in love anymore.” Now, I think this is a natural way to feel. After all, “in love” is sometimes used to mean “infatuated with” or “obsessed with” as opposed to really loving your partner. It is a feeling that you have very little control over and it always fades to be replaced by a more mature, lasting love.

But, back to my story… The “advice” of that ebook was to use tricks to make your spouse jealous, and jealousy would make them “more attracted” to you. This has to be just about the stupidest thing you can do. Sure, it works in high school all the time. But it hardly ever works when you have had a long term relationship. If your marriage is in trouble and you try to make your spouse jealous, you will drive your spouse further away. Needless to say, I would never be able to endorse a book that was built upon bad advice.

Here’s the thing – I knew it was bad advice, but would you? I learned to save my own marriage and since then I’ve studied what real experts have to say. You could even say that I’m an expert at this point. But are you? Probably not. If you got bad advice, would you know it was bad advice or would you do what was suggested and end up destroying what remains of your relationship?

Stop reading articles you find on the net (except the ones I give you!) and stop hanging out in marriage forums! No advice is good advice unless it comes from a top expert. This counts for friends too – sorry, but even with the best of intentions, their advice is probably wrong.

Marriage Counseling

If you read my story on the front page of this blog, you’ll see that, early on, I went to a marriage counselor who almost ruined my marriage. You would think that she was an expert in marriages since she carried the label of “marriage counselor.” She wasn’t. She was an expert in personal psychology who was probably never actually trained in couple’s therapy. You can read my post Does Marriage Counseling Work for more on that.

Ok. You get my point. Expert advice, REAL EXPERT ADVICE is the best and only way to help your marriage. Expert advice that has been proven to work. I saved my own marriage by following the advice of some of the best marriage experts that there are: Dr. Lee Baucom and Amy Waterman. If you click the names you will be taken to reviews of their products. They have each saved thousands of marriages and have taken their experience of what works and what doesn’t (tested on literally thousands of couples just like you) and put it in a form that you can use to turn things around in your marriage (just like I did). But you can start with this:

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Ed Fisher

Ed Fisher

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