Marriage Problems

by Ed Fisher

marriage problems

My name is Ed Fisher and I was having terrible marriage problems but I learned how to fix a marriage and overcame my marriage issues. If you click here you can read my story. My wife Allison and I tried marriage counseling and that nearly destroyed our relationship. I wasn’t about to give up, and in my research I discovered something that marriage counselors don’t want you to know: you can fix your own marriage problems YOURSELF, without a counselor’s “help.” Even if your spouse doesn’t want to try. I saved my marriage and I’ve become something of a relationship expert in the process. You must Sign up for the free articles I’ve collected from the best marriage experts/counselors in the business. No Spam. Just great articles that I get thanked for all the time. Sign up on the form at the bottom of the page or see this post: marriage advice for more info and why you should sign up. Ok, keep reading!

Happily MarriedI know that even if your marriage problems are caused by affairs, fighting over little things, sexless marriage, or even just the feeling that you are growing apart and no longer feel like you are “in love”, you can turn things around. And don’t forget: Divorce is a terrible thing, no matter how attractive it might currently seem to you or your spouse. You must do everything you can to save your marriage.

True Story:

A few months ago, my friend’s wife left him. She was having an affair and my friend moved into his own apartment and left his kids with his wife. His own mother and father had divorced and remarried when he was a boy. When his mother found out what was going on, she sent him a long, heartfelt letter. She pleaded with him to do whatever it takes to repair his marriage because 30 years later she still has not forgiven herself for letting her own marriage fail. She sometimes felt overwhelmed with guilt for breaking up her childrens’ home. She didn’t try hard enough when her marriage fell apart. She didn’t try hard enough to love his father.  How will this story end? I don’t know. But I know that the letter made my friend think long and hard about what is important and ultimately how to save his marriage.

This is the absolute truth – your marriage is the most important relationship you will ever have with another human being. And it’s hard sometimes to remember that you and your spouse are… just human beings. Neither of you is perfect. Sometimes we have very high expectations for our spouse and we have trouble accepting them for who they are. We see other people and fantasize that these new people would be a better match for us. But we picked our spouse for a reason. More often than not, your spouse is a great match for you and you for them. So, unless there is abuse in the relationship, your marriage is worth fighting for. You probably already knew that.

If you haven’t already gotten a divorce, it’s not too late to fix things. And, oddly enough, it is very possible to save your marriage even if your spouse is not interested in trying. Here’s the thing – you do need professional help. You will never find what you need by reading articles on the internet. I read tons of articles. Most of them are written by people out to make a quick buck or by people who think they know everything but they really don’t. In short, a lot of what you read on the internet is Dangerous to your marriage!

For example, I came across a product aimed at people with marriage problems that basically says you can make your spouse jealous as a way of igniting their passion for you. Sure, that works in high school… but that’s not how to fix your marriage in the real world. Manipulation will drive you further apart, guaranteed. The sad thing is, I’m sure lots of people have bought this product and think that they’re helping things when they’re not.  It’s not just sad, it’s a tragedy.

marriage problems and bad advice

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But… There are people out there who can help you. I have collected a whole bunch of fantastic articles by the best in the business – people who are trusted because their advice is real and it works. I’ve put them into an email series that I will give you for free. Just sign up with the form at the bottom of this page to start reading priceless advice. I’m not going to spam you, don’t worry.

What about Marriage Counseling?

A lot of people believe in marriage counseling but there are huge pitfalls. Unfortunately, most marriage counselors are not trained to deal with couples. They are trained to do individual therapy and they add marriage counseling to their practice to “drum up more business.” The problem is that what works for individuals – “letting it all hang out,” basically, is a disaster for couples. If you and your spouse share too much of what is bothering you in your relationship, you will drive them further away. This is one of the reasons that marriage counseling fails most of the time and ends up wasting a ton of time and money.

The truth is that there are products on the market, easily available, that can help you to solve your marriage problems on your own. They work because most couples have the exact same problems and there are tried, tested, and proven ways of solving these problems. I suggest you read my reviews of these products – Look to the right for links – and decide if one or more of them is right for you. They cost a fraction of what marriage counseling costs and at the very least they can be used to prepare you for marriage counseling so that you can make the most of your sessions. The first one I ever bought and the one that I credit with solving my marriage problems is Save The Marriage by Dr.Lee Baucom. Read about it here: Save The Marriage SAVED MY MARRIAGE!

Can I really Save My Marriage?

Yes. But please, sign up for the free email series. It is worth a million bucks. You’ll see! Do everything you can to save your marriage, because it is worth it. Read the reviews of the products I recommend. They are great and helped me and they can help you. I wish you good luck. You are doing the right thing. In this day and age, too many people divorce without really thinking about how much harm divorce does to everyone – themselves included. Your marriage problems can be solved.

Ed Fisher

Ed Fisher

A Guy Who Saved his Marriage

I’m Ed Fisher and I saved my marriage by myself after counseling almost destroyed it. Be sure to sign up for my free email article series — full of useful advice to turn your marriage around. Good luck!