Online Marriage Counseling

by Ed Fisher

Online marriage counseling sounds attractive to people who, for whatever reason, find it impossible to visit a marriage counselor where they live. Of course, the same problem that applies to marriage counselors also applies to online marriage counseling: counseling only helps 1 in 10 marriages. 50% of couples who choose counseling end up divorced. A 10% customer satisfaction rate sounds terrible, and it is. The message is that choosing the right marriage counselor, in person or online, is crucial.

online marriage counseling

Marriage Counseling often turns into a chance to blame your spouse causing even more problems

Too many therapists trained to handle the problems of individuals think that they are capable of counseling couples. Unfortunately, marital therapy is very different from individual therapy. The techniques that work in individual therapy – getting feelings out in the open for example – can actually destroy a relationship. Marriage counseling is a very delicate business involving vulnerable people who are angry, desperate, easily hurt and often have many complex issues to deal with. The focus must be on the relationship, however, not the individual. “Putting everything on the table” is the worst thing you can do and yet it is typical of wrongheaded counselors and happened in my own marriage counseling experience.

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marriage counseling is expensive

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Your second step when considering online marriage counseling should be to do what I recommend that everyone does when considering counseling: explore the online resources that are reviewed on this site: read Mike Mandelson’s review of Amy Waterman’s Save My Marriage Today and my own review of Lee Baucom’s Save the Marriage program which was the one that really helped me. Choose the program(s) which seems like the best fit for you. These programs are created by people with a large amount of marriage counseling experience and are very successful at helping people improve and save their marriages on their own. Guaranteed to help. They saved my marriage and inspired me to build this site.

These proven programs are more effective than online marriage counseling. The truth is that you have more power than you think to save your own marriage, even if your spouse is not interested. You just need the tools that experienced professionals can give you. So I urge you to read the reviews of these top marriage products and try them out. I saved my own marriage (that a marriage counselor almost destroyed) by using these programs so I speak from experience. Just take a look at the front page of this blog for my story.

One of the problems with online marriage counseling is that you can waste a lot of expensive one-on-one time with the online marriage counselor as that person essentially teaches you some human psychology so that you understand why you and your spouse act the way you do etc. etc. and this type of valuable information is best served to you in the inexpensive programs I recommend. So get the programs, read them and watch the videos and you will probably save your marriage without ever needing a counselor. If you still want more online marriage counseling, you will be much better prepared to make the most of it and will accomplish your goals in much less time. Good Luck!

Ed Fisher

Ed Fisher

A Guy Who Saved his Marriage

I’m Ed Fisher and I saved my marriage by myself after counseling almost destroyed it. Be sure to sign up for my free email article series — full of useful advice to turn your marriage around. Good luck!