Relationship Problems

by Ed Fisher

The most dangerous thing about looking for solutions to your relationship problems online is coming across the wrong advice. Make no mistake, bad advice can destroy your relationship. Beware of the Internet! Too many amateurs and not enough experienced professionals. But don’t worry, because you have found the exception to that rule here. Let me explain…

Relationship problemsWhen you have relationship problems, there is one key that you have to remember – you are not alone. That may sound cliche but the truth is that your relationship problems are not unique. Amazingly, every couple has to deal with very similar issues and if your relationship is in trouble, I assure you that many, many people have experienced almost exactly the same situation and had their relationship threatened in the same way.

Knowing this, what can you do? Well, these people who have experienced your problem have, in lots of cases, sought professional advice. In turn, professional marriage counselors have listened to them and attempted to offer solutions. Those solutions have either worked or they haven’t. If the solution worked, that counselor has offered the same solution to other couples and seen it work for them too. This all sounds air-fairy and lacking in substance, right? I’m trying to make a point. The solution to your relationship problems – a solution that works – already exists! You just have to know where to look.

If you are familiar with my blog, you know that I consider marriage counseling to be a dangerous proposition. Here is my article which will give you the details on how marriage counseling almost destroyed my marriage. The problem is not with marriage counseling, per se, but with the lack of truly qualified and experienced marriage counselors (or relationship counselors if you are not married). Most counselors have been trained to deal with individual clients instead of two clients (in reality the relationship should be the client). Techniques that work with individuals such as “say what’s on your mind” are completely inappropriate when there are 2 people present in the session and yet these “counselors” make these fundamental mistakes all the time.

Ok, I’m taking a while to get to my point, so I hope you are still with me. You need the expertise of the best counselors to solve your relationship problems but how to you get to the best counselors who have the experience and training to actually help your relationship and not hurt it? Luckily for you the best counselors have published their findings and their advice on the internet and in books. That’s right. In fact, by reading these articles and books, you can become enough of a relationship expert yourself that you will be able to solve your own relationship problems and also Judge Whether Your Marriage Counselor is helping or hurting your relationship! I have gathered a ton of the best articles by the top, most experienced, and most reliable and successful marriage counselors and I have put them right here: Marriage Advice Articles. Click that link. I did the legwork for you. I vetted the articles. They will help you and more importantly, they will not give you the wrong advice that will hurt your relationship instead of helping it. Your are welcome, my friend!

If your relationship problems are sexual in nature – like you are not having the intimate relationship that is vital for a healthy relationship, you should take a look at my article on how to fix a sexless marriage.

You can read about my own experiences by visiting the front page of my blog. I saved my own marriage with the help of Lee Baucom and Amy Waterman, the top marriage experts in the business. If you want to skip the articles I have collected and get right to the nitty-gritty of solving your relationship problems, I recommend you read my reviews of these excellent products that I credit with actually saving my marriage. Check out my reviews of Lee Baucom’s Save The Marriage and Amy Waterman’s Save My Marriage Today. These products helped me solve my relationship problems and inspired my to start this blog to help others.

Ed Fisher

Ed Fisher

A Guy Who Saved his Marriage

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